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Want to Jumpstart Social Media Engagement? Consider These Talk-Worthy Topics!

If we talk about effective SEO strategies, social media marketing would surely rank high on the list. In essence, social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to increase sales, drive website traffic, build the brand, and engage with followers.

Nowadays, social media has never been more critical to businesses. One study revealed that 51% of business owners rely on social media to grow their businesses—more than display ads, direct mail, email marketing, and PR combined.

One reason social media is popular, especially among small businesses, is it levels the playing field. In other words, it gives everyone an equal opportunity to be noticed on a global scale. It also gives small businesses the chance to compete with the “big guys” in the industry. 

Here’s something else to think about: a whopping 78% of consumers reveal that social media posts influence their buying decisions. However, having a social media presence alone won’t suffice. You need to churn out great content and have an engaged audience to boot.

If you’re struggling to find great topics to jumpstart your social media engagement, give the following talk-worthy thought-starters a go:

Things you value or treasure

Regardless of your business size, people will respond well to “insider” warm-fuzzies. Posting about the things, people, places, and events that make you smile can make your brand more relatable.

So, what gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling? What keeps you going after a long and stressful day? Regardless if it’s yummy foods, a warm cup of your favorite coffee, or the funny antics of your pet, don’t shy away from sharing it. 

Chances are it will not only lift your spirits but that of your followers as well. Win-win situation, any way you look at it!

Other people’s stuff

Not reinventing the wheel is basically social media’s unspoken motto. That said, if someone you follow shares an interesting article or provides unique value through analysis, insights, or excellent products, don’t think twice about sharing it with your fans and followers.

What blogs do you subscribe to? What podcasts do you listen to? What about newsletters you regularly read? What websites offer superb content that’s related to your niche or industry? If your audience finds value in what you’ve shared, they’ll love your brand all the more for it.

Industry-related events

What is going on in the industry that your followers might be interested in? If you are a brick and mortar business, sharing relevant events in the industry like fundraisers, parties, webinars, and the like can capture the interest of your audience.

In the same manner, if you are a B2B business, up-and-coming events like training or online conferences can be topics your audience will find engaging and might just get them talking.

Current events or pop culture

Often, the most engaging topics to talk about are the ones everyone else is talking about. What are the current events that are relevant to your business or industry? As a general rule of thumb, keep an eye on trending topics and see if you can relate it to your business or niche. 

Behind the scenes stuff

Most behind the scenes posts focus primarily on highlighting a brand or company’s values and how they impact how they do business. Giving your ardent social media followers a little peek into what your company does behind the scenes is an impactful (and fun!) way to make your brand and business relatable.

Questions you want to ask

Find out all there is to know about your industry and your followers. It does not always have to be related to your product or business. It would be a good idea to focus first on getting to know the people you are connecting with.

What keeps them busy? What’s their take on the current affairs? How are they managing life-work balance? What are their future plans? What keeps them up at night? What books have inspired them? 

You can also ask your followers if there’s anything they’d like to know about the product or service you are offering or your industry. You will not only get a chance to satisfy their curiosity, you can also highlight why you are the best option available.

Stuff that cracks you up

Everyone can use a good laugh now and then, including your social media followers. If they’re having a rough day, a lighthearted laugh or a good chuckle might just make their day better. 

Funny stuff that’s in good taste is always a good thing to share. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of humorous videos, memes, or GIFs that can crack your followers up. If your followers like what you shared, they might also share it with others in their circle. That’s additional exposure for your brand and business.


The importance of social media engagement cannot be overstated. It’s a powerful tool for establishing brand trust and building customer relationships. And that’s just for starters. With the talk-worthy topics we’ve shared, creating amazing social media engagement has never been easier!

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